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SHARK WEEK 2022! South Beach Shark Club style!

Shark Week and SharkFest are O-FISHially Here!

What's a summer without sharks? Probably as dull as a 4th of July without fireworks or as intoxicating as a non-alcoholic beer. Recognizing our fascination with these beasts of the deep, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and its affiliates will offer some unique television programming during July, guaranteed to replenish our almost insatiable appetite for anything shark-related. Let’s see what they are offering.

Shark Week - Entering its historic 34th year of programming and debuting on July 24th, The Discovery Channel's Shark Week adds some humor to the series this year, thanks to Impractical Jokers. We're not sure what's so funny about the potential to have your arms and legs ripped from your torso, but tune in to find out!

According to Discovery, the week will spotlight innovative shark technology and research leading to breakthrough information concerning sharks' mating and migration patterns in addition to finding a "new, undescribed species."

A seal cam on their website allows the viewer to see the ocean from a seal's perspective for one week leading up to the week-long programming. And you can enter their sweepstakes for a chance to win a shark dive trip for two from Islander Charters with an additional $20,000 cash for your summer adventures here.

Then there's their Shark Week Blimp hashtag battle where Shark Blimps roam both coasts looking for the biggest Shark Week fans. You can post your Blimp sightings using #WestShark to vote West Coast or #EastShark to vote East Coast on social media throughout July.

So, tune in to Shark Week, all you shark A-FISH-ionados. This year you can learn and laugh at the same time. You won't be disappointed.

See Shark Week on The Discovery Channel and Discovery+.

SharkFest - National Geographic's SharkFest is turning ten this year and is offering its largest programming platform, ever. They're releasing nearly 300 hours of new content and 60 hours of "enhanced" programming over four weeks, beginning on July 10th.

This year, SharkFest will dive into details of over 15 shark species and feature footage from all over the world, including Florida, where a handful of Florida International University scientists, researchers, and students will offer their expertise.

Other featured "shark experts" for "SharkFest" 2022 include:

  • Candace Fields, a Ph.D. student studying the population dynamics and geographic population structure of large predators

  • Carlee Jackson a marine biologist, sea turtle conservationist, and shark expert who is championing diversity in the world of science

  • Jasmin Graham specializes in elasmobranch ecology and evolution. She is the project coordinator for the MarSci-LACE project, which is focused on researching and promoting best practices to recruit, support, and retain minority students in marine science.

  • Alison Towner is a senior white shark biologist and Ph.D. student examining driving factors of movement in white sharks.

  • Gibbs Kuguru, a Kenyan shark scientist who works with Great whites and studies the DNA of sharks

  • Dr. Mike Heithaus, the executive dean of the College of Arts, Sciences & Education (CASE) and professor in the department of biological sciences at Florida International University (FIU)

  • Sara Casareto, a graduate student at Florida International University, is working on her doctorate, focusing on shark biology and behavior.

  • Melissa Cristina Marquez, a Puerto Rican marine biologist and science communicator studying chondrichthyan fishes, such as great white sharks

  • Ryan Johnson, a marine biologist and world-famous documentary host.

This year's SharkFest is bigger and better than ever! Don't miss it on National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Mundo, Disney XD, and Disney+. It's also available on ABC, ESPN, and streaming on Hulu.

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